Real Estate/Interior Design Photography

Kay Wilson has over 20 years of Real estate and Photography experience.  She retired from real estate and now focuses solely on photography.

It's important, now more than ever, to provide quality pictures of a listing to get the buyer's attention.  Buyers are more educated and are selecting homes to see via the Internet.

It's been heard many times from potential buyers that 'If there aren't a lot of good pictures to show the entire house, then I scratch it off my list'.

More often then not, pictures on the MLS and websites are blurry, not a good angle, are from a cell phone shot out of the window of the car, or they simply just don't pop.

Is that the first impression you want to give to potential buyers for your new listing?

The goal is to get your listing on the short list of a buyer and I am here to help.

Email me at for a quote.  

I will send a questionnaire that will give me the right information to give you a quote.